Felber Ranch, Birkfeld


  • Occasional husbandry work for the horses
  • Repair of rotten foundations by replacing broken beams
  • Repairing the electric fencing around horse enclosures and paddocks – consisted of sledge-hammering in 100 new posts
  • Construction of a new, large shed for equipment storage
  • Cleaning guttering
  • Repairing walls of horse enclosures
  • Construction of feeding areas for the horses in the paddocks
  • Construction and erection of new, large gate for entry into one of the paddocks
  • Replacing broken wooden fence panels and beams in the enclosures
Tractor driving
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Comments from our host:

Tristan und Tasha – thank you very much! It was perfect for us to get to know you. You have great ideas, a lot of skill, are self-sufficient, have perseverance and patience and do your job with passion! We thank you, and look forward to seeing you again in the autumn”