From Coast to Coast

We’re set up now in job number two of the Epic Hobo Working Road Trip and we’re living a life of luxury – we have a house! A dishwasher! A washing machine! Central heating! Separate rooms for sleeping and cooking! We can’t quite believe it. In our awesome van we sit up in bed and can reach the cooker and all things required to make coffee. Here, it’s a short walk from one side of the cooker to the other.

After landing in Dover on the east, we trundled across England to the South West for Christmas. Then, made the looooooong journey all the way back across as east as you can go for the Norfolk adventure. Now, we have bounced back across the country once again to land back in the sunny (so far anyway) West Country! We could be accused of bad planning, but we always intended to follow the jobs that sounded awesome, and our van loves being on the road (well, he had a minor protest when we left Norfolk, so we enjoyed the side of the road for a couple of hours) so it’s all working out pretty well so far.Here in Devon we’re working with a couple that own some holiday cottages. They’re preparing the site for the 2018 season, and we applied for general cleaning work with them. After reading through our CVs though they offered us different jobs – creating an entertaining and theatrical play area for kids, and assisting with all the social media, marketing and admin work, interspersed with the ocassional animal-feeding requirement. It’s all a perfect fit for us, and we get to live in one of the cottages on site! There are lovely dogs around, lambs, two awesome goats, rabbits, ducks, a cat and some chickens, which is great as we miss working around the chickens every day. One of the dogs is really interested in power tools, and insists on popping her head into the middle of the action whenever she can.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of our projects – spread the word that the hobos on wheels are always available for hire, and as always you can check out extra pictures on Instagram and say hi here or in our Guestbook!

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