Landscape Gardening, Ronneby


  • Turning an overgrown weed and bramble patch into an organized field for planting potatoes, rhubarb, radishes and  strawberries
  • Building and filling high beds for herbs and vegetables
  • Creating fields for tomato plants
  • Clearing and maintaining overgrown forest land (including tree cutting and trimming)
  • Construction of gates to secure cows in grazing land
  • Design and implement aesthetically pleasing finish to an overgrown slope within the grounds. This involved clearing weeds, securing the top of the slope, constructing steps and planting rhododendrons
  • House and pet sitting
  • Cutting grass and general maintenance
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Comments from our host:

“I had the wonderful opportunity to have Tasha and Tristan to help me with all those things you dream of getting done. It was all from garden work to arranging a party. They are both lovely, easy going and super collaborative. I full heartedly recommend Tristan and Tasha to help you realise your dreams”