February 2020Happy New Year (belated)!!!

Last work in Austria, how awesome the van drives, back in our luxury winter residence, alpacas

November 2019A bit of work and a wedding

We got bloody married! And worked on a horse ranch afterwards

September 2019 – It’s MOT Time! Again!

The challenge of modern mechanics working on old timers, being without our house, hoping all is fixable

July 2019 – Surviving the heat wave

How we made it through scorching weather in our ill-equipped old timer, shade, shade and shade is important

June II 2019 – How the f*%k do we make a living?

How we fund our vanlife, our work life to date, what works and doesn’t work for us

June 2019 – The Netherlands and #houselife

Work project in The Netherlands, the things we love about #vanlife

May 2019 – Camper behaviour

The joy of watching other campers, noting their territorial behaviour, admiring the extravagant outdoor living room constructions

April 2019 – First time doing that!

First proper holiday in our van, first time using our solar set up, first time making the most of free spots

March 2019 – Minimalism – how to fit all your stuff in a van

How we down-sized, the storage arrangements in our van, living with less

February 2019 – The New Year so far

Back in the Devon cottage, the goal of repeat job-bookings, the perks of living in a house for the winter

December 2018 – One year and counting!

Our Vanniversary, vanlife Instagram vs vanlife reality, a summary of all the work, England for Christmas

November 2018 – THE MOT and the next job

Passing the MOT, arriving at the next work project in Steiermark, living with horses, van-lifing during cold times, the purchase of solar panels and onward plans

August 2018 – From Slovenia to Austria

Driving to Slovenia, advice for best use of the camping apps, the next work project in Slovenia, ARNIE’S HOUSE!, another work project in Austria and preparing for the MOT

July 2018 – 8000km later…

Here we answer some often asked questions: are you done, how do you finance life, where do you find jobs, isn’t your van a bit small etc

June 2018 – Sweden!

A summary of some of the huge projects we completed here, where we lived and a few new skills for the CV

May 2018 – A few countries, a few campsites, a few cows

Driving through 5 countries to Sweden, starting the next work project, cows for neighbours

April 2018 – End of Job #2

Things we learnt from living in Devon, finishing up the project, next stop Sweden

March II 2018 – Spring is here!

Settling into a stress free routine, looking forward to and planning the next journey

March 2018 – Surviving the Winter

The promise of a mild winter in the UK was a lie, getting frozen out of the van, power cuts and work progress

February 2018 – From Coast to Coast

Traveling from Norfolk to Devon, beginning our second project, what it’s like to live in a holiday cottage

January III 2018 – 4 Weeks on a Farm

What we learnt working on a farm, enjoying England and the new van-lifestyle

January II 2018 – New Year, New Job

Our first month with no bills, what it’s like to work on an organic chicken farm, settling into the van

January 2018 – The Journey so far

Moving out of our flat, the loooooong first journey from Austria to England and Christmas with family