New year, new job

As the calendar clicked over and we started the New Year, we turned to each other and asked the usual question faced at the beginning of the month; what bills do we have to pay?

Rent? No

Utilities? No

Internet? No

What about groceries, do we need to go shopping? No

For us, one of the motivations to move into our van and get on the road was to draw a line under the time of monthly bills and obligations and lead a life with as few of those ties or commitments as possible. As the first week of January passed, we settled nicely into our new routine and enjoyed the shit out of not thinking about money and talked instead about where we might be in spring, what to do on the weekend, and what work we want to do the next day, interspersed with general chicken-chat…

Because we are currently working and living on an organic chicken farm! There are chickens, pigs and turkeys to take care of, and the manager also produces organic honey so we will be taking care of the hives of hibernating bees in the next weeks. So far, we are carrying out the daily tasks for the animals, and doing any maintenance work that we can (tools and weather permitting!). We’re pretty much left to our own devices, so we can plan our days and keep ourselves busy. The manager prepares a feast for us each night, and pours us as much beer and wine as we can drink, so we’re well rewarded for our efforts.

In Vienna, we made many plans to spend a few nights in the van before we ‘properly’ moved into it, but for one reason or another (thanks ÖAMTC, see previous blog) we weren’t able to sleep in it for the first time until we were on the road in Germany. Since moving to the farm, the van has truly become our home and we’re really loving it! With no street lights around, the sky is something wonderful to see each night. Cockerels and other, more delicate, bird song wake us in the mornings and over coffee we look forward to stepping out into the elements, seeing the animals and getting to work.

We’re in a beautiful area of the UK, and hope to explore a bit more this weekend. The next blog will have a few more chicken tales for sure, perhaps something from the bees and some highlights from our weekends of explorations. There are sneak peeks on Instagram of course, so follow us there too!

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