Organic chicken farm, UK


    • Daily animal husbandry for chickens, turkeys, pigs and quails
    • Daily egg collection
    • Enrichment
    • Maintenance and repairing of fencing, sheds and enclosures
    • Customer service
    • Collection and delivery of supplies, requiring tractor and trailer driving
    • Cleaning, bottling and labeling for the honey production
Hello chickens
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Comments from our host:

“Tasha and Tristan spent a month running my smallholding, and to think when they wrote to me I nearly turned them down as I was at the time over booked. Luckily for me they said they were traveling in their trusty Transit and would be able to sleep in that, then I accepted them, and that was the best decision I had made with helpers this last year… they were a godsend,Tasha and Tristan are both very practical, hard working individuals, very responsible and totally trustworthy. They mended fences, repaired roofs, cleaned out all the chicken sheds (a hard task at anytime of the year) all with a smile, so highly recommended and would be welcome back anytime. Thanks again Tasha and Tristan I cant thank you enough”