Spring is here!

After the ice rain, snow drifts and minus temperatures of an early British March, we’re believing the emerging flowers and brave bugs that Spring is now here! Since one of us has been living in the season-less rainforest for 10 years, the changing of the seasons is a novelty being very much enjoyed.

Daffodils with snow hats pretty much sums up British Spring

We’ve now spent about 7 weeks on Job Number 2 at the holiday cottages in the South West of England, and we’ve got into a really enjoyably ‘normal’ routine. Our work is great – it keeps us busy but doesn’t give us any stress and is easily put away at the end of the day and at weekends (which is a novelty for both of us). Our spare time is awesome – the farm is lovely, as is the surrounding countryside here, and we’re pretty close to our English half of the family for a change so we’re making the most of that.

The best thing though has been settling properly into our life together. Since the start of last year, there has always been a countdown running in our heads – time until we could meet each other (FINALLY), time until the end of our holiday, time until we were apart again, then together again, finishing work, and eventually of course the final countdown until we left Vienna. In the last month, it’s dawned on us that there are no more countdowns! As long as our next couple of weeks are organised, we have gas for Gaston and we have somewhere to park everything is a-ok. As for our next couple of weeks, we’ll be finishing up our work here and climbing back on board our almighty van. He is always eager to hit the road, and so are we; Sweden is calling! We’re not sure how to get there yet, and the final destination is so remote that there aren’t any GoogleMap co-ordinates for it, but when you travel in your house there’s no real stress in getting lost.We’re updating Instagram much more regularly than our blog at the moment, so make sure you follow us there and you can check out our Guestbook if you want to leave a message! We love hearing from you all.

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