The Journey So Far

Getting on the road was not the easiest process. Big shout out to the ÖAMTC for creating a lot of unnecessary stress and just a touch of panic when their 20-something year old mechanic diagnosed our beautiful blue bus as being completely un-road-worthy without €3000+ worth of essential repairs. As it turns out, they are just ignorant as to the workings of older cars. However, it took them more than 2 weeks to admit this, during which time we were fast approaching the end of the tenancy agreement on our flat. Luckily, we were able to find an incredible mechanic who fixed up every little issue our van had and we had it back in our hands with two days to spare! It was then a busy time emptying the flat (hello to anybody reading this who picked up one of the goodies we left for free on Reindorfgasse!), after which we bid a fond farewell to Vienna and hit the highways.With a maximum speed of 50mph (85kmph), we’re never going to be able to be in a hurry to get anywhere. But that suits us just fine; we don’t need to be rushing around any more! Slowly but surely, we plodded along the highways of Austria, Germany, Belgium and France to catch the ferry to Engand from Dunkirk. The police in Germany weren’t too happy with our van and assumed we were hoarding drugs or weapons in there somewhere. After taking a good look around and admiring our lederhosen, they were satisfied that we were just happy hobos and let us go on our way. Germany also dumped a few centimetres of snow on us on our first night, and treated us to minus degrees while we were camping, but other than that it was easy travels.We arrived in Somerset in plenty of time for Christmas and enjoyed festive family time and piles of food. We were also really pleased to see temperatures touching double digits again, as we were banking on some milder temperatures for our first winter on the road (for the English wimp in our party; obviously the Austrian is used to snow and minus degrees). In Somerset, we savoured our last few days of relaxation before making the journey across England to our first job – working on an organic honey and free range chicken farm. Our next post will tell you all about it, or get sneak previews by following us on Instagram!

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