About us

Since meeting in the jungles of Borneo in 2012, it seemed for years that we were destined to simply be fond memories for each other – a special connection made over 5 weeks working together that was treasured and occasionally the subject of wistful reminiscence, but something that happened in the past. We each carried the hope that our paths would cross again in the future, but neither of us had quite dared to imagine that we might end up where we are now.

After the project finished in 2012, we each continued our regular lives. This saw us living on separate sides of the world, with no real ties or connections other than the shared memory of our short time together. For 5 years we had no further contact until a chance encounter on Facebook brought our worlds together again. It was a simple ‘like’ of a photo, which led to a short message of greeting, which led to months of long-distance phone addiction until we finally met in person again.

After that meeting, a new life well and truly began! We had a holiday together in a camper van, loved it, and bought one of our own. We decided to try out a life of work and travel, to stop working so many hours and enjoy our time together as much as possible. Neither of us left our old jobs with any savings, so we are searching for work with our van. Obviously we’re able to travel where we’re needed, and bring our accommodation with us too!

This website is a means for friends and family to keep updated with our whereabouts, and is also a means for us to advertise ourselves to potential future employers and/or hosts. You can find a list of our skills and jobs completed to date here, and can always contact us here for more information.

We hope you enjoy our stories, as we continue to enjoy life with each other. A lot.